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GP 2011 B-Spec Racing Manager Game

GP 2011 B-Spec runs in the BATracer game engine.

The updated GP 2011 Season, now with a new tyre model, more compounds, and easier overtaking.


Red Bell

"This team only just won the championships in 2010 despite having easily the fastest car. The car seems to be very fast again, but can they avoid unreliability and infighting to go back-to-back?"


"With an innovative chassis and some mixed testing results, it's hard to gauge McLewis' standing in the field. With strong enthusiastic drivers however, they are sure to be fighting at the pointy end again."

Team Wales

"Controversial as always, Team Wales only just missed the championship in 2010. Can the team avenge this loss, or will they slip back into the blame culture that inhibited the team for many years? The team has gone for a more conservative design than some others, but they hope that a solid overall package will give them their first Drivers' Championship in four years."


"After returning with much fanfare in 2010, the factory Mernandez team failed to win a race. They will be desperate to prove that this team is the continuation of Brown GP rather than a reincarnation of Hinda."

Sotul Reno

"Clever aerodynamics and technical packaging grace this newly rebranded team, complete with a striking livery harking back to the last Sotul-Reno alliance of the 80s. Reno remain as the engine supplier in an arrangement that is down in writing for the next 8 seasons."


"For several years the team has promised a significant step forward to try and regain former glories, but consistently have fallen short. With their new car sporting some clever engineering design ideas perhaps their time has come?"

Fierce Indians

"This team will be desperate to impress with the first Indian GP to take place this year. While the team lost some important staff in 2010, they have strengthened their partnerships with Mernandez and McLewis, and look to continue to battle in the hard-fought midfield."


"After a late-season revival in 2010, Bauber is now well entrenched in the midfield. The team now also has a more impressive looking sponsorship portfolio relative to the previous years, so survival is not in doubt in the near term."

Roro Torso

"This year the team distances itself from its Red Bell links even more with an unique sidepod and floor design. The car has shown good pre-season speed, but does the team have the development resources to maintain a place in the upper midfield?"

Team Sotul

"Of the three new arrivals, the team impressed in its debut year. Making the best use of new technical partnerships with Reno and Red Bell, they are hoping to join the fight in the midfield."

Iberia Racing Team

"Iberia comes into this season with little preparation, missing most of the pre-season tests. However, a new technical partnership means that they have last year's Wallace transmissions fitted to the car. Despite being the slowest cars on track last year, they somehow managed to beat Maiden in the championship standings."


"After the humiliation of last year, the team hopes to capitalise on recent changes over the Winter - Russian investment ensured for the next 4 seasons, coupled with expansion of their digital aerodynamics facility to become the 3rd largest CFD site in the world."


Reno RS09

2.4L V8

Mernandez 180

2.4L V8

Welsh 650

2.4L V8


2.4L V8



  • Super Soft - "Slick for dry weather, least durable."
  • Soft - Slick for dry weather.
  • Medium - Slick for dry weather.
  • Hard - "Slick for dry weather, most durable."
  • Intermediate - For mixed weather conditions.
  • Wet - For wet weather.

  • Events Calendar


    Australia - 27th March

    "After the civil unrest in Bahrain cancelling the GP, this race has became the season opener. The track often provides chaotic races, so it may not be an accurate form guide for the rest of the season."


    Malaysia - 10th April

    "Sweeping corners, tight bends and an atmosphere heavy with humidity makes this one of the most difficult races of the season for a driver. Malaysia is still in the grip of the rainy season, meaning heavy downpours can come without warning. Beware."


    China - 17th April

    This track requires a compromise between finding top speed on the long straight and having enough mechanical grip to be fast through the slow corners. The Chinese race is the last flyaway before the teams return to Europe.


    Turkey - 8th May

    "The first race at this venue proved popular in 2005, when the tricky turn 8 made the race very exciting. Though the crowd numbers are very poor in recent years, it remains a challenging venue to the drivers. Overtaking is possible here if you can pressure other drivers into a mistake."


    Spain - 22nd May

    "For the last ten years, the pole-sitter has won this race. This track itself is usually a litmus test for the quality of each team's aerodynamic design."


    Monte-Carlo - 29th May

    Surely the most famous and glamorous GP circuits is the toughest of them all - with a beautiful harbour and many bars to visit. The narrow streets are real nightmare in a GP car and the race duration requires huge levels of stamina. Driver errors abound.


    Canada - 12th June

    A popular high speed circuit with heavy breaking. Rain is not uncommon. Slipstreaming is a popular tactic to pass the drivers in front.


    Spain - 26th June

    After making its debut on the GP calendar in 2008; the Valencia Street Circuit is rather a unique layout despite providing somewhat unexciting racing. The wide birth of the course makes it feel more like Montreal than Monaco.


    England - 10th July

    "Silverstone has made further changes for 2011, with the need for bigger pit facilities meaning that the start/finish line has moved to between Club and Abbey. The track now has one of the longest pitlanes of the year."


    Germany - 24th July

    "Germany's track rotation continues, with a return to the Nürburgring. This track provides no specific demands for the cars, and as such requires a setup compromise to deal with the wide range of corner types."


    Hungary - 31st July

    "Widely condemned in the past, the Hungaroring is starting to gain respect with the fans. Hungary has produced several upsets in recent years, and it has become a habit that a driver will win their first ever race here."


    Belgium - 28th August

    The Ardennes is home to what is renowned by some as the best circuit in the world. Awesome elevation changes and flowing corners make this a real driver's circuit. Wet weather is a constant threat here so be on the lookout throughout.


    Italy - 11th September

    "With 73% of the lap at full throttle, Monza boasts the claim of being the fastest circuit on the calendar and having the most dedicated fan base. High speeds usually mean it is the shortest race of the season, meaning time is of the essence."


    Singapore - 25th September

    "This race is likely to again be F1's longest race, approaching the two hour limit. This, along with the humid weather, provides a challenge for fitness, concentration and reliability."


    Japan - 9th October

    The legendary Suzuka circuit has been the scene of many classic GP races. Its figure of 8 layout makes it unique - the track itself tests the driver with very fast corners such as 130R.


    "Yeongam, Korea" - 16th October

    This track offers a distinct mix of styles. The first half of the track is a test for top speed and braking stability. The second half of the track requires good aerodynamics. Finding a balance between both is the key to being fast here.


    India - 30th October

    "GP racing moves to India for the first time, and hopes to capitalise on the big potential fan base. All the big teams would have tested the track relentlessly on their simulators, but the new track near New Delhi will still likely cause an upset or two."

    Abu Dhabi

    United Arab Emirates - 13th November

    A curious circuit that has produced both close racing and frustration in it's first two years. Day turns into night as the season enters it's twilight phase.


    Brazil - 27th November

    Located in the city of Sau Paulo the Interlagos circuit has a rare anti-clockwise configuration. The track is very bumpy and requires a soft set up; engine power is also important with cars having to climb a hill up towards the start finish line.

    GP 2011 B-Spec Racing Strategy Game

    This series is an update of the original GP 2011 set.

    B-Spec: General Changes Compared to the Original

  • Significant tyre changes (see below).
  • Fuel Margin introduced (see below).
  • Overtaking is now easier.
  • DRS also provides a larger boost but the benefit differs quite abruptly from circuit to circuit - largely at the personal whim of the race officials!
  • Pitstops are around half a second shorter.
  • The stats for the various teams, engines, tyres and circuits etc. are now updated to the most recent data. Updates to the original GP 2011 set only went as far as the first 3 races.
  • As there is a greater prospect for strategys to overcome car performance, setup feedback is now 20% less frequent.
  • Tyre wear in practice is now significantly less than in the races.
  • The bahrain event was added which would have introduced an extra event to the B set compared to the original... with disappointment in the interests of realism this then had to be removed following real world events. Sorry guys!
  • Stalling and bad starts have been replaced by a different start model.

    B-Spec: Tyres

  • The tyres now have a much shorter life, requiring more stops than before.
  • Many more tyre sets are available than in previous seasons, though due to the increased wear rate you may still need to conserve tyres.
  • A "tyre cliff" has been implemented. This introduces a more dramatic drop off in tyre performance when tyres are past their best.
  • There are now 4 compounds instead of 2, however only 2 are available during the race weekend. The 2 available compounds are chosen by the race organisers (outside of the competitors control) and are the same for all teams. Player note: Since a previously used tyre compound can become unavailable at the next event, be sure to regulary review your tyre selections.
  • Because of the implementation of a tyre cliff tyres are now less likely to fail, though not impossible.

    Fuel Margin: Extra Fuel!

    With no pitstops, teams and drivers now have to be very careful to ensure there is enough fuel in the car for the race. However, with the myriad of engine mapping modes it is possible to save fuel and also burn extra fuel to go faster when needed. The teams provide enough fuel to finish the race, plus a little extra for hard racing. If not enough extra fuel is provided the driver may have to back off and enter a fuel saving mode losing a little laptime.

    The fuel margin setting represents the number of laps you expect to be driving hard for. If you expect to be driving harder for longer, you will need to add more laps into the box. If you expect to be driving hard for less of the race, reduce the number of laps.

    Important: The value you enter in the box represents the addition of more fuel, but you are NOT adding more LAPS of fuel. A value of 40 does not mean 40 laps of fuel, it just means you expect to be pushing hard for up to 40 laps in the race. In reality this may equate to only 2 laps of fuel in real terms - thus a very light penalty - but that's still 2 extra laps of fuel you may cross the finish line with which you didn't need.

    In summary, you are trying to keep the fuel margin as low as possible without getting into a situation where you have to enter fuel saving mode and having to lap a little slower, unable to attack other cars. Likewise you do not want to carry enough fuel for battles during the entire race as that will make the car slower during the whole GP.

    What is considered to be driving hard? The following situations represent the conditions when you will use a little extra of your fuel margin:

  • pushing via use of the "Target Position" dropdown
  • pushing via use of the "Main Rival" dropdown
  • overtaking another car (excluding easy passes)
  • trying to overtake but being blocked
  • blocking a faster car

    Note as you use some of your fuel margin up you will also become lighter and faster.

    Original GP 2011 notes now follow


    KERS returns for the 2011 carset. KERS is more powerful this year, but it's effect is felt more strongly in it's overtaking ability than in outright lap time. We have kept the option to allow players to enable or disable it accordingly. The KERS setting only influences the race.


    DRS has been enabled for GP 2011. This is a passive feature (you have no control over it), but instead it automatically comes into play when you are within a second of the car in front.

    In the real world, a DRS zone often starts and ends on different laps (typically along the pit straight). BATracer simulation engine must use the position times from a single lap to be as consistent and fair as possible. Specifically, the check is made when each car starts a lap. In the replays this will appear that the DRS proximity test is made based on the time sheet positions from the previous lap.

    DRS will activate only in dry weather. We also disable it when the safety car is out.

    107% Rule

    The 107% rule has not been implemented as we feel excluding players from a race adds nothing to the gameplay.

    Field Spread

    The 2010 carset featured very poor performance back marker cars. We have now tightened the field for 2011 to bring these cars up to the pace of similar back markers from earlier GP carsets. More interestingly, the rest of the pack is now tighter than any previous GP carset which should make for more open championships.


    Points are rewarded as per the 2010 season:

    1st - 25
    2nd - 18
    3rd - 15
    4th - 12
    5th - 10
    6th - 8
    7th - 6
    8th - 4
    9th - 2
    10th - 1

    No Refuelling

    As before refuelling is not an option.

    Track Changes

    Bahrain is not implemented as the season opener.

    The new Indian circuit has been added to the game.


    Mariusz Pilarek
    Philip Chandler
    Ed Greenhalgh
    Sam Crawford
    Stefan van Renselaar
    Christopher Beaton


    Though this carset is inspired by high level single seater racing, no actual real life teams, cars or intellectual property is included.

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