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GP 2012 Racing Manager Game

GP 2012 runs in the BATracer game engine.

The updated GP 2012 Season, now tighter and more competitive than ever! A mammoth 20 races and the introduction of a new US circuit.


Red Bell

"Surely the team to beat, after two consecutive championships."


McLewis are the only top team not to field a car with a stepped nose. This very determined team are keen to mount a serious challenge for the title this year.

Team Wales

"Starting the season with an unusual suspension arrangement, Team Wales have underperformed in testing. Don't be surprised if a heavily revised car is rushed out to make up for performance shortcomings."


"Mernandez have not quite been the German super team everybody expected, particularly after the success as the Brawn outfit in 2009. This year they have taken stock of their mistakes over the previous two campaigns and promise to challenge for their first win using an innovative rear wing to cheat high speed drag."


"A big step forward has been made with this car and many speculate they will be the surprise of the season. However, it remains to be seen if they will maintain this performance throughout the season given last years poor drop off in pace by the 2nd half."

Fierce Indians

"Gone are the days when this team just made up the numbers, Fierce Indians are a genuine mid-field team now - and hope to build further on that status this season."


"Overcoming huge financial challenges during the past couple of years, it's endearing that Bauber are still on the grid. An often forgotten team, partly because they have always been mid-fielders, their form last year shown they can pull strategies out of the hat that sometimes upset the big teams and sometimes leave them floundering."

Roro Torso

"Last years car suffered from poor performance, so this year can only get better. In testing the team looked to have very promising pace - the drivers just to be sure they don't overdrive the cars as they have possibly the highest crash rate of any team."


"Wallace really need to turn their fortunes around. Last year the team done well just to finish a race, suffering from chronic unreliability. If things don't improve this time around, Wallace are surely to be swallowed up by the likes of Rotherham. A change to Reno engines may spear a fight back."

Rotherham GP

"Rebranded from Team Sotul to Rotherham, the team have proven themselves to be the best of the new teams that arrived a few years ago during an upheaval of the sport. However, few expected back then that the last 3 teams on the grid will have remain unchanged all this time. Of all the resources invested in the team, Rotherham must surely break into the mid-field this year."


"Despite being often considered the worst team on the grid, IRT once again outpaced their nearest rival last year. Having struggled to once again make use of the pre season testing, is it time their luck ran out?"


"A new name this year, but their improved engineering resources did not translate into improved performance last season. The team are no longer finding their feet, so the excuses must stop now."


Reno RS27-2012

2.4L V8

Mernandez FO 180Z

2.4L V8

Welsh 056

2.4L V8

Crossworx CA2012

2.4L V8



  • Super Soft - "Slick for dry weather, least durable."
  • Soft - Slick for dry weather.
  • Medium - Slick for dry weather.
  • Hard - "Slick for dry weather, most durable."
  • Intermediate - For mixed weather conditions.
  • Wet - For wet weather.

  • Events Calendar


    Australia - 18th March

    The classic start to the season - Melbourne. Teams are eager to score their first points and set the tone for the season ahead.


    Malaysia - 25th March

    "Sweeping corners, tight bends and an atmosphere heavy with humidity makes this one of the most difficult races of the season for a driver. Malaysia is still in the grip of the rainy season, meaning heavy downpours can come without warning. Beware."


    China - 15th April

    This track requires a compromise between finding top speed on the long straight and having enough mechanical grip to be fast through the slow corners. The Chinese race is the last flyaway before the teams return to Europe.


    Bahrain - 22nd April

    "After being cancelled in the previous year due to civil unrest, the circus returns back to the dusty circuit. This is the last race before the return to Europe."


    Spain - 13th May

    "For the last ten years, the pole-sitter has won this race. This track itself is usually a litmus test for the quality of each team's aerodynamic design."


    Monte-Carlo - 27th May

    Surely the most famous and glamorous GP circuits is the toughest of them all - with a beautiful harbour and many bars to visit. The narrow streets are real nightmare in a GP car and the race duration requires huge levels of stamina. Driver errors abound.


    Canada - 10th June

    A popular high speed circuit with heavy breaking. Rain is not uncommon. Slipstreaming is a popular tactic to pass the drivers in front.


    Spain - 24th June

    After making its debut on the GP calendar in 2008 the Valencia Street Circuit is rather a unique layout despite providing somewhat unexciting racing. The wide birth of the course makes it feel more like Montreal than Monaco.


    England - 8th July

    "The classic British circuit, featuring fast sweeping corners. The vent can often suffer from heavy rain with unpredictable results."


    Germany - 22nd July

    "A circuit that many fans consider to be a castrated parody of its original form, Hockenheim is virtually guaranteed to produce a sell-out crowd with a strong German showing."


    Hungary - 29th July

    "Widely condemned in the past, the Hungaroring is starting to gain respect with the fans. Hungary has produced several upsets in recent years, and it has become a habit that a driver will win their first ever race here."


    Belgium - 2nd September

    The Ardennes is home to what is renowned by some as the best circuit in the world. Awesome elevation changes and flowing corners make this a real driver's circuit. Wet weather is a constant threat here so be on the lookout throughout.


    Italy - 9th September

    "With 73% of the lap at full throttle, Monza boasts the claim of being the fastest circuit on the calendar and having the most dedicated fan base. High speeds usually mean it is the shortest race of the season, meaning time is of the essence."


    Singapore - 23rd September

    "This race is likely to again be F1's longest race, approaching the two hour limit. This, along with the humid weather, provides a challenge for fitness, concentration and reliability."


    Japan - 7th October

    The legendary Suzuka circuit has been the scene of many classic GP races. Its figure of 8 layout makes it unique - the track itself tests the driver with very fast corners such as 130R.


    "Yeongam, Korea" - 14th October

    This track offers a distinct mix of styles. The first half of the track is a test for top speed and braking stability. The second half of the track requires good aerodynamics. Finding a balance between both is the key to being fast here.


    India - 28th October

    "A dusty circuit in it's first year which made mistakes common, the track is blessed with a design optimised for overtaking and plenty of run off."

    Abu Dhabi

    United Arab Emirates - 4th November

    A curious circuit that has produced both close racing and frustration in it's first years. Day turns into night as the season enters it's twilight phase.

    Circuit of the Americas

    "Austin, USA" - 18th November

    "The GP circus returns to the United States after a painful sabbatical. This is an all new facility, and after a few hiccups were sorted out - now represents the newest and most exciting addition to the calendar."


    Brazil - 25th November

    Located in the city of Sau Paulo the Interlagos circuit has a rare anti-clockwise configuration. The track is very bumpy and requires a soft set up; engine power is also important with cars having to climb a hill up towards the start finish line.

    GP 2012 Racing Strategy Game

    GP 2012

    GP 2012 features a very tight pack relative to previous years, and with 20 events on the calendar including the new track at Austin its set to be a great season.


    Points are rewarded as follows:

    1st - 25
    2nd - 18
    3rd - 15
    4th - 12
    5th - 10
    6th - 8
    7th - 6
    8th - 4
    9th - 2
    10th - 1

    A Note About Tyre Selection

    Before every race, on the race strategy page ensure you have a tyre picked in the wet/dry part of the page.

    Otherwise you may find you put on not only the wrong compound tyres but also tyres which are useless.

    This situation occurs when the available compounds change from one race to the next, e.g. soft/medium in race 1, to supersoft/hard in race 2. When this happens the server automatically removes your selection for soft/medium for the 2nd race as it should do, but it is up to the player to pick the replacement compound. If you do not, your race may well be ruined so beware of this particular trap!


    With thanks to:
    Mariusz Pilarek
    Joni Hyttinen
    Robert Mathershaw
    Sam Crawford
    Lewis McCoy

    Thanks to all others if your name isn't mentioned here.


    Though this carset is inspired by high level single seater racing, no actual real life teams, cars or intellectual property is included.

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