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LMES v2.0 Racing Manager Game

LMES v2.0 runs in the BATracer game engine.

Build your own GT team. GT, GTS, LMP1 and LMP2 classes. Unique Features: Long endurance races, 4 different classes on track at once, unique rules, 22 cars to choose from!


Odee K8

"Two seasons after Odee officially stopped the works support for the Odee K8s, the prototype racer again proved to be the car to beat in 2004. For the 2004 season some minor modifications were carried through on the successful package, mostly to comply wit"

Dallama LMP

"Dallama's LMP began life as the Mylar LMP. In 2002 they forged ahead and developed the chassis, creating many minor alterations in hopes of bringing the fight to Odee."

Leicester Torn LMP

"The unique looking and sounding Leicester Torn LMP made its first competition appearance at the 2003 24 Hours of LeMans test days. Although it was not immediatly competitive, progression was made in testing and qualifying."

Xitech 4ES

"After the success in the LMP2 class Xitech set its sights on competing for outright wins. With the Xitech 4ES in the LMP1 category, they ended up runner up in the 2004 LMES series and won the ALMS 4 hour race at Laguna Seca."

Monte Carlo Gunnage C60

"Monte Carlo use a heavily modified Gunnage C60 chassis. At the 2004 Le Mans race, the Monte Carlo finished fourth behind the Odees, claiming the much coveted 'best of the rest' spot."

Danos LMP

"Danos LMP - While aerodynamic problems affected the straight line speed of the Danos, it excells under braking and in terms of handling."

Tetley Race 8

"Retaining some features of the EXP Race 8 the 2003 car featured downforce and aero improvements, allowing the car to be quicker and easier to drive. The Race 8 took 1/2 positions in the 2003 Le Mans beating the Odee's and giving the marque it's first Le M"

Loller B01/60 / NG EX257

A dedicated Le Mans car was built for NG in 2001 powered by a two-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine. This was entered by the works team as the NG EX.257 and as a Loller B01/60 by private entrants.

Xitech 3ES

Engineering Company Xitech picked up the manufacturing rights of the chassis from the Bankrupt Kaynard company. The resultant car frequently outpacing the competition even scoring pole positions in the LMES and ALMS series.

Helter Racing LMP

HR was one of the first chassis constructors to design and build a car to the new LMP1/2 regulations. In 2004 they debuted their new LMP2 Hybrid which was based heavily off the '03 LM2003.

Gunnage C65

"With the C65, Gunnage were the first to introduce a new car to fully comply with the LMP2 regulations. In the 2004 LMES season the car returned three LMP2 class victories in the last four races."

Tillgreen DT93

"The 2005 DT93 is a pretty big race car to come from such a small manufacturer. Specifically designed to the new LMP2 regulations. The weight which comes in at 724 kg, is 26 kg under the class minimum. This means ballast can be used to optimise handling or"

Arson Merlin GBR19

The GBR19 GT racing car is based on the latest Arson Merlin production sports car - the GB19 - but is significantly modified for competition use. The GB19’s bonded-aluminium body architecture is shared with the GBR19 and provides both with a lightweight r

Retro Vet D5-R

"The D5-R was based on the D5 road car but had a longer wheelbase, a wider track, an enlarged V8, and different bodywork with exposed headlamps."

Lodge Fighter GTS-R

The Lodge Fighter race car began life in the GT1 class in 1996 and it embarked on a racing program that was to earn it a reputation as the most successful American production-based racing car of all time.

Toyoma Trooper

The Trooper is a successfull race car and has seen action in many series.

Lantorino Embargo R-GT

"Lantorino developed the Embargo R-GT jointly with race experts Writer Engineering and mother company Odee’s sports division, Odee Sport. To comply with the GTS class rules the drive to the front wheels was completely removed, making it the first rear whee"

Bavarian B3 GTR 2003

"Bavarian Motorsport originally designed the GT Coupé to compete in the ALMS. In the 2001 season, the Bavarian B3 GTR took the title in every class."

Bavarian B3 GTR 2004

The 2004 spec B3 GTR was an evolution from the previous car. The 2004 car had larger restrictors reducing the engine power but this change was balanced with improved aerodynamics and chassis changes.

Lantorino Tomato

"The Tomato is the smaller brother of the Embargo, but is no less competitive."

Porca GG6 PT3 RSR

"To counter the ever growing competition Porca unleashed the 2004 incarnation of the competition PT3, the PT3 RSR. It featured a sequential gearbox; with fuel cut off for rapid gearchanges and a slightly revised suspension."

Trevor 44R

The Trevor 44R has had a larger 4.2 litre engine installed producing 440 BHP to take the fight to the Porka's.


Odee 3.6L V8

Turbo-charged 600 bhp @ 9500 rpm 516 lb-ft. @ 7500 rpm

Tetley 3.6L V8

Turbo-charged 600 bhp @ 9500 rpm 505 lb-ft. @ 7500 rpm

Jude GV4

4L V8 600 hp @ 10250 rpm 350 lb-ft. @ 8500 rpm. Compact and low centre of gravity make this a drivers favourite.

Jude GV5

"5L V8 600 bhp @ 7800 rpm 445 lb-ft. @ 6500 rpm. More reliable and more powerful when unrestricted, but power delivery not quite as refined."

Moogun MF408S

4L V8 590 hp @ 9500 rpm 383 lb-ft. @ 7500 rpm. Reliable and quick.

Mope-R W8 R3

6L V8 600 bhp @ 7000 rpm 550 lb-ft. @ 4500 rpm. Heavy but strong performer.


"60º V6 590 bhp @ 6500 rpm 525 lb-ft. @ 5000 rpm. Lightweight and powerful, acceleration and cornering both benefit."

Xitech 4L V8

4L V8 600 hp @ 9500 rpm 375 lb-ft. @ 6500 rpm

AIR P07 I4

2.0L Turbo In-Line 4 540 hp @ 6100 rpm 457 lb-ft @ 5500 rpm. Huge power from such a small engine makes this both light and formidable.

Jude KV675

3.4L V8 500 hp @ 9000 rpm 290 lb-ft @ 8000 rpm. High power from one of the less stressed engines in this class.

Mantra 13J

4R 2616cc Rotary N/A - 500 hp @ 8500 rpm 415 lb-ft @ 6500 rpm. This rotary engine design is unique on the grid.

Pogo L4

4v DOHC 1999cc Turbo In-Line 4 500 hp @ 6500 rpm 425 lb-ft @ 5000 rpm. Lightweight without compromising reliability.

Pogo ES9J4S

V6/60° 4v DOHC 3367cc - 520 hp @ 9500 rpm 290 lb-ft @ 7000 rpm. A compact and lightweight strong performer

Xitech ZG348

3396cc V8 540 hp @ 9500 rpm 325 lb-ft. @ 8000 rpm. Fantastic performance.

Arson Merlin Racing V12

"5935cc 4 valves / cylinder, quad overhead camshaft"

General Mofos LS1 V8

"90º V8 6980cc 2 valves / cylinder, OHV"

Lodge V10

"7986cc 2 valves / cylinder, OHV"



Lantorino V12

"60º V 12 5998cc 4 valves / cylinder, DOHC"

Bavarian V8

"90º V8 3997cc 4 valves / cylinder, DOHC"



Porca Flat 6

"Porca M96/70 B6 Flat 6 3598 cc 4 valves / cylinder, DOHC"

Trevor Six

"Straight 6 4200 cc 4 valves / cylinder, DOHC"



  • Soft - Full slick for perfect weather conditions.
  • Hard - Durable hard tyre for racing.
  • Intermediate - For wet and mixed conditions.
  • Wet - Full wet weather tyre for standing water.

  • Greatyear

  • Soft - Full slick for perfect weather conditions.
  • Hard - Durable hard tyre for racing.
  • Intermediate - For wet and mixed conditions.
  • Wet - Full wet weather tyre for standing water.

  • Coco

  • Soft - Full slick for perfect weather conditions.
  • Hard - Durable hard tyre for racing.
  • Intermediate - For wet and mixed conditions.
  • Wet - Full wet weather tyre for standing water.

  • Mitchell Inn

  • Soft - Full slick for perfect weather conditions.
  • Hard - Durable hard tyre for racing.
  • Intermediate - For wet and mixed conditions.
  • Wet - Full wet weather tyre for standing water.

  • Llanelli

  • Soft - Full slick for perfect weather conditions.
  • Hard - Durable hard tyre for racing.
  • Intermediate - For wet and mixed conditions.
  • Wet - Full wet weather tyre for standing water.

  • Yokouno

  • Soft - Full slick for perfect weather conditions.
  • Hard - Durable hard tyre for racing.
  • Intermediate - For wet and mixed conditions.
  • Wet - Full wet weather tyre for standing water.

  • Events Calendar

    Sebring 12hr

    Florida - 7th March

    The season kicks off with a long 12hr race at Sebring in Florida. Double points are awarded for this event which make it even more important for the teams to post a good opening result for the season.

    Mid Ohio

    "Lexington, Ohio" - 21st March

    Mid Ohio represents the start of a series of short endurance events. Hairpins and elevation changes make this a challenging circuit. Blind corners catch out the unwary. A good setup is essential.

    Lime Rock Park

    Connecticut - 4th April

    The shortest circuit on the calendar is a manic and tight lap. With such a large number of cars space is at a premium which makes traffic problematic.

    Sears Point

    California - 18th April

    "A twisty and undulating circuit in dusty terrain proves very challenging for the drivers. Whats more, the dusty terrain and temperatures do their best to ruin the cars too."


    Oregon - 2nd May

    This cracking circuit features a classic pit and back straight linked by some challenging corners. A chicane at the end of the main straight can be the scene of collisions.


    Canada - 16th May

    "Mosport is a Canadian addition to the US leg of the tour, a venue which has held GP races and many other events in its long history. Sweeping corners and hilly sections challenge both car and driver, whom are thankful this is not one of the longer races o"

    Road America

    "Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin" - 30th May

    "Road America features a long lap over various elevations of terrain, and at 500 miles is 2/3rds longer than the shorter races. Good high speeds and slipstreaming potential make this a pleasure for the slippier faster cars."

    Laguna Seca

    "Monterey, California" - 13th June

    "The last of the short races in the season, Laguna Seca is a small twisting circuit famous for its Corkscrew corner set in a baking hot and dusty Californian landscape."

    Road Atlanta 10hr

    "Georgia, United States" - 27th June

    This 1000 mile race marks the 2nd part of the season and the start of the much longer races. The Road Atlanta event itself stretches to 10hrs making it the 3rd longest race on the calendar. This is the last race on the US leg of the championship so local


    South Australia - 18th July

    "The race at Adelaide represents the only visit to the Southern hemisphere, and takes place on the famous street circuit. This is the first of a series of 6hr races which make up the 2nd half of the season."


    Turkey - 1st August

    "Famous for its tricky turn 8, this circuit has been the scene of some fantastic races since it came into widespread use in 2005. Overtaking is possible here if you can pressure other drivers into a mistake."


    Italy - 29th August

    "Monza is a fast and famous circuit, and anybody fortunate enough to be driving an Italian car can expect some home support. Facing each driver are huge long straights punctuated by chicanes, most notable being turn one - the scene of several opening accid"


    Belgium - 19th September

    "Considered by most drivers to be one of the most challenging circuits, the elevation changes, high speed corners - especially Eau Rouge make this race one to look forward to. The weather is highly changeable and can put a spanner in the works of a well t"


    Germany - 10th October

    "This modern racing circuit is well suited to GT racing, and there are lots of support for the German manufacturers."


    England - 31st October

    "A very famous circuit and the modern home of motorsport for many. There are some fantastic sweeping bends - especially near the opening Beckets section. This is generally a high speed circuit, and is vulnerable to the British weather even in high summer"

    Le Mans 24hr

    France - 21st November

    The monster finale to the season. Non stop racing over 24 hours will test both drivers and cars to the limit. Triple points for this event could be crucial to the final championship outcome. Attention: the length of this race may ca

    LMES v2.0 Racing Strategy Game

    This carset is largely the work of Matt Simons. Some additional liveries have been supplied by Jef Beyens and Douglas Wood.

    About the Le Mans Endurance Series

    This is a ficticious generic series based heavily on ALMS, the defunt World GT series, and also includes Le Mans itself at the end of the season.

    Endurance racing is all about lasting the distance and having a good strategy - it is not an out-and-out sprint. For this reason, this carset features additional race strategy options.

    The Season

    The season consists of two halves, the first leg of the championship is based in the US, made up of a bulk of 2 and 3/4 hour races, and a couple of longer 10 and 12 hour races.

    The second half features much longer 6 hour races, and finally the 24hr of Le Mans. The longer races naturally put a greater strain on the cars - so successful players will need to adjust to a new strategy accordingly.


    LMP1 - The pinnacle of GT racing is also the toughest to succeed in.
    LMP2 - A more affordable class for developing an entry into LMP1, more competitive.
    GTS - Heavily modified road going cars, the majority of which are front engined.
    GT - Some popular road going cars make up the tail end of the field. A good entry into the series.

    LMP1 and LMP2 have the added attraction of allowing you to select a particular engine when building your package. All of the road going cars have a fixed single engine choice.

    All classes have a full selection of 5 possible manufacturers, each with various pros and cons.


    The points structure is as follows:

    1st - 40
    2nd - 35
    3rd - 30
    4th - 25
    5th - 23
    6th - 21
    7th - 20
    8th - 19
    9th - 18
    10th - 17
    11th - 16
    12th - 15

    If you dont finish, you dont score ANY points, even if you finish within the top 12. This puts an emphasis on not treating the races like a sprint.

    Bonus Points

    As this is an endurance series, there are no bonus points for fastest lap or pole positions, etc. However, there are bonus points for the extra long endurance events:

    Sebring 12hrs - Double Points; season opener
    Le Mans 24hrs - Double Points; season finale; (changed from triple points)

    Because there is a larger points haul for the final race - this increases the chance of the championships being open right towards the end.

    Road Atlanta 10hrs - Standard points are awarded for this race, despite it's duration. As a result players may choose to experiment with this long race, instead of being conservative as in the longer races. Adventurous teams may well learn from any unusual strategies they try in preparation for the mammouth 24hrs race at Le Mans.

    Damage Repair

    This was the first series to introduce the new damage repair slider. Instead of driving round with a damaged car in an endurance race, you can pit and have work done on the car to bring it up to speed again. However, this is with considerable penalty in the pitstop - and you can often fall several laps down whilst the work is carried out.

    The position of the slider determines the amount of damage you are willing to accept before you take to the pits and roughly corresponds to the health bar graphic in the race replay - therefore a higher setting means you will pit as soon as there is a small amount of damage, a low setting will mean you will stay out on a damaged car.

    The Le Mans Endurance Series also features a small amount of minor car-contact on occasion during heated battles for position, so this is something to bear in mind when setting your slider position.

    Fewer Retirements

    Instead of simple retirements, there is now a chance that you will take to the pits to work on the car instead. Often the amount of work involved will put you many laps down and out of contention - however, this is often preferable to being out of the race altogether - and due to the nature of endurance racing if you stay in the race you still stand a chance of gaining some points!

    Virtual Co-Drivers

    Endurance racing features multiple drivers. This is represented in this series by allowing you to choose 3 driver characteristics, each one of which represents a "driver". For the purpose of race commentary, everybody sees the actual playername.

    You now have options to select the starting "driver", and along with each planned pitstop the opportunity to change "driver". Successful teams will optimise their driver selection for the various phases of the race.


    Another aspect of endurance racing is drivers becoming tired. This can be reduced or eliminated altogether by changing co-drivers. Failure to do so will result in a driver becoming increasingly tired, slower on track - but worst of all, the chance of a very costly mistake!

    Night Racing

    A couple of the races on the calendar feature phases of the race which are at night, most obviously Le Mans which starts in the late afternoon and progresses through the night and into the dawn on the long second day.

    Technical Issues - Slow Computers or Slow Browsers

    When opening some of the replays of the longer races on this browser, you may get a warning telling you a script is taking a long time to execute. Click "CONTINUE" to ignore that (perhaps several times on a slow computer) and the replay will then appear.

    Firefox was notorious for this but Firefox introduced very fast Javascript processing from v3.5 onwards, therefore if you use this browser make sure you have v3.5 or above.

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