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Classic All-American Series Racing Manager Game

Classic All-American Series runs in the BATracer game engine.

Classic American muscle cars from 1966-1972 racing on the old format tracks. 10 different custom-paintable cars each with their own traits.


1970 Lodge Hustler

Lodge was the last one to the pony car party, but it spent its time wisely, perfecting its entry, the Hustler. The Hustler debuted with an engine lineup that ranged from a docile slant six to the powerful 440 Six Barrel and the awesome 426 Hemi. Other pony cars could only dream of a line up like that.

1968 Ponytrap Firegoose

The Firegoose was introduced the same year as its platform-sharing cousin, the Retro Congo. This coincided with the release of the 1967 Macadam Cheetah, which shared its platform with another pony car, the Ffordd Mustard.

1970 Ffordd Tango

1970 was a very successful year for Tango. It was a well received car by the automotive press and was selected as the Motor Trend Car of the Year for 1970. Motor Trend said the Tango was "Not really a car line in the old sense, but a system of specialty cars, each for a different use ... from luxury to performance. This car did not race in the Trans-Am series but is included here as a special "what if...?" option.

1969 Mustard Boss 302

Both the Boss 302 and 429 continued into 1970. The 428 Cobra Jet continued as the top engine choice for the Mach 1 Mustard. New for 1970 was the 429 Cobra Jet, standard in the Boss 429. The 429 Cobra Jet was rated at 370 bhp while the Super Cobra Jet was rated for 375 bhp. This would be the last year for the Cobras, which were in fact left over 1969 models with some minor trim changes.

1970 Pugworth Barrichello

The Pugworth Barrichello was the first pony car, debuting two weeks before the Ffordd Mustard. It was quickly eclipsed by the Mustard and the Congo/Firegoose duo, but would make a name for itself in 1970 when it was available with an engine its competition could only dream of, the Hemi.

1970 ABC Spear

The new Spears competed successfully in Trans-Am racing in a Peskie Racing team, as well as with a Roy Woods ARA team sponsored by American Motors Dealers. The Spear won the Trans-Am title in 1971, 1972, and 1973. A number of famous drivers piloted the racecars including George Follmer and Mark Donohue, whose name became associated with a special a rear spoiler of his design.

1967 Retro Congo

After two years of watching the Ford Mustard enjoy tremendous success, General Mofos finally launched its entry into the pony car segment, the Retro Congo. Although available with a mediocre six cylinder for volume sales, the Congo could be equipped with several V8s and a myriad of performance options. Then, of course, was the famous Regular Production Code, Z/28, that would change the industry's view of pony cars.

1966 Mustard GT350R

1966 saw further refinement of the Mustard. The gauge cluster was redone to seperate the Mustard from its original roots while the 260 cid V8 was replaced with 2 and 4 barrel versions of the 289 cid V8. The GT-350 was still available, though its race image was being dilluted by the addition of an automatic transmission. Available on the GT-350 through 1968 was a special supercharger which would boost horsepower by as much as 40%.

1970 Macadam Cheetah

The Macadam Cheetah was introduced in 1967 as the more upscale version of the Ffordd Mustard. It had more mature styling and upscale interior appointments and rode on a three inch longer wheelbase than the Mustard. Yet despite its greater emphasis on luxury than performance, the Macadam Cheetah still managed to make its mark on the American street scene.

1970 Ponytrap Cross-Am

The Ponytrap Cross-Am was an automobile produced by General Mofos, to appeal to the growing muscle car population.The second generation was available from 1970 to 1981 and was featured in the 1977 movie Smokey and the Bandit. It is essentialy a rebodied GTO with the same engine and drivetrain.


305ci Small Block

This is a special short-desck version of the V8 for Trans Am racing.

ABC 302ci V8

Like many of the manufacturers, ABC had produced a bespoke engine for Cross Am racing.

Ffordd Boss 302

Though rated by Ford at just 290 hp, the real output of the legendary Boss 302 was thought to be considerably higher by racers and other performance enthusiasts in the know. Equipped with the free-flowing Cleveland-style cylinder heads, the Boss 302 was the small-bock Mustard to own and continues to be sought after by true Blue Oval enthusiasts.

Pugworth 302 AAR V8

A detuned version of 340 cubic inch engine, to meet Cross Am rules.

Retro 305ci V-8

This engine was based on General Mofos 305ci small block.

Ffordd 289ci V8

Sporting a 90 289ci V8 this Holley 715 CFM Carburetor fed Ffordd could propel the GT350R from 0 - 60 in 6.5 s and up to 149 mph. A real giant killer in '66. To comply with Cross Am rules this version is naturally aspirated.



  • Greatyear Dry - Tyres for use in regular track conditions.
  • Greatyear Rain - For downpours.

  • Events Calendar

    Lime Rock Park

    Lime Rock Park, Conneticut - 6th May

    The first race of the season is run at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut. The track is 1.53 miles long and consists of 7 turns. The track is short, fast and contains some extreme elevation changes which all add up to a very challenging circuit.

    Bryar Motorsports Park

    New Hampshire - 20th May

    Bryar Motorpark now known as New Hampshire International Speedway is an oval track with an infield. Half the track is fast with a banked corner while the rest is very technical with lots of sharp corners.

    Mid Ohio Sports Car Course

    Lexington, Ohio - 1st June

    Third race of the calender is Mid Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio. This course is one of the most challenging in all of the United States so teams may struggle with setup. Finishing this race is almost as good as finishing first.

    Watkins Glen GP

    Watkins Glen, USA - 17th June

    The fourth race of the season is at Watkins Glen. One of the most well known tracks in North America.


    Brainerd, Minnesota, USA - 7th July

    Donnybrooke International Speedway (now known as Brainerd International Raceway) is a three-mile/4.85 kilometer road course located in Brainerd, Minnesota.

    Road America

    Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin - 16th July

    This is one of the great road racing tracks in the world. It is a high speed track with large run-offs and deep gravel in most areas. The track is very hard on brakes with 5 significant braking points.

    Sanair Internationale

    Sanair, Quebec, Canada - 30th July

    Sanair Internationale is the only race not in America but is hosted in Quebec Canada. It is a converted drag track and so is very fast indeed, with technical sections that needs a lot of concentration to master.

    Road Atlanta

    Braselton, Georgia, USA - 19th August

    Road Atlanta is a 2.54-mile (4.088 km) road course located in Braselton, Georgia, USA (across the road from Lanier Raceway). The track has 12 turns, including the famous "esses" between turns three and five, and turn 12, a downhill, diving turn.


    Brainerd, Minnesota, USA - 25th August

    The second visit to Donnybrooke is also the penultimate race of the season. Drivers must put their previous knowledge to good work, but this time it's at night.

    Laguna Seca Raceway

    Monterey, California, USA. - 15th October

    The last race of the season is situated in arguably the best known track in America.The racetrack is 1.9miles in length , including the famous "Corkscrew", and a 300 foot (91 m) elevation change.

    Classic All-American Series Racing Strategy Game

    The carset is based off historic Trans Am, from the golden years of the series.

    Classic All-American Series

    The calendar is based off the 1972 Trans-Am season, but there are many different cars from the era. The series was seen as one of the great road course racing series in North America, and was popular due to its highly skilled drivers and popular car makes involved.

    Car Selection

    There are 10 cars available, but once again we have tried to eliminate "cherries and turkeys". Each car has it's own strengths and weaknesses, and will perform better or less well at different circuits and in different conditions. Likewise, a variety of reliability and upgrade factors also become a factor beyond the basic pace you may initially see. To further confuse matters, most of the faster circuits are toward the end of the season - which may mask the true abilities or failings of a certain chassis/engine.


    The series has a large grid of up to 30 cars (24 cars in public games), and is very competitive. The races are long, and feature no yellow flag periods. All races feature refueling, and you will have to make a choice of how many pitstops to make. The tyres are of mixed durability, wearing heavily at some circuits but able to be put to full use at others - your engineer will advise you how to proceed.

    There is a decreased rate of full blown collisions in this race, with an increase in minor ones. This is a reflection of the robustness and also the fragility of components - cars will generally keep going but pace can easily be effected.


    There are no tyre upgrades as there is only one type of tyre. However, there are occasional engine upgrades which may effect several cars on the grid as a single engine type was often found in several different chassis.


    1st - 20pts
    2nd - 15pts
    3rd - 12pts
    4th - 10pts
    5th - 8pts
    6th - 6pts
    7th - 4pts
    8th - 3pts
    9th - 2pts
    10th - 1pt


    A product of Rob's Workshop.

    Template and liveries - Stefan De Koker

    Shading and highlight layer - Rob Baker

    Track maps - Stefan De Koker

    Data - Philip Chandler and Stefan De Koker

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