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Historic Touring Cars Racing Manager Game

Historic Touring Cars runs in the BATracer game engine. This is an proposed player-made independant carset to be added to the game.

For carsets which are currently active and can be played now (currently 33 different sets to choose from), scroll to the bottom.


Chevrolet Camaro

BMW 2002

Abarth 1000 TC Berlina

Before they were sold to Fiat Abarth was a successful racing team. And among other things they purpose built the 1000 TC for touring car racing. The result was that it was a success in the small classes of the ETCC. The fact that it’s small will also help through the corners.

Ford Escort

Alfa Romo Guilia Super 1600

NSU 1200 TT

Holden Torana LJ

Ford Anglia

Ford Mustang

One of the classic muscle cars of all time. Rear wheel drive and a lot of power was the recipe for this iconic car. The speed it could produce made it a worthy adversary to the smaller cars. However it had so much power it was slow through the corners.

Alfa Romeo GT Junior

Austin Mini Cooper S

Datsun 120Y

Nissan’s today are all labelled with the joke that they are “Datsuns” but but in the day the Datsun was a reliable machine. Could this be a factor in the championship outcome? The fact that it’s small will also help through the corners

Fiat 128 Coupé

Ford Galaxie

Hillman Imp

Jaguar MK2

Lotus Cortina

Mercedes 300 SEL

Sunbeam Tiger

Toyota Celica GT

Triumph Dolomite Sprint

Volkswagen Beetle

Famously linked to “Herbie” this car is known throughout the world. This small car is low on power. But it’s size means it’ll be light. And that means speed through the corners.

Renault R8 Gordini


Chevrolet ZL1 90°V8 7.0

Powerful, but heavy 7 litre V8 built by Chevlolet

BMW 4 in line 2.0

Austin 4 in line 1.3

Alfa Romeo 4 in line 1.6

BMW Alpina 4 in line 2.0

Ford USA 90°V8 4.9

Powerful, but heavy 4.9 litre, Ford built V8

Abarth 4 in line 1.0

Ford V8 4.7

Slightly less powerful, but lighter 4.7 litre, Ford built V8

AMG-Mercedes, 90°V8 6.8

Slightly more powerful than the works engine, however, with greater speed come less reliability.

Mercedes V8 6.8

Slightly less powerful than the AMG engine, but with greater reliability.

Ford V8 7.0

Powerful, and heavy 7 litre, Ford built V8

Hart-Ford Cosworth BDC 4 in line 1.6

Lotus-Ford 4 in line 1.6

Vegantune-Lotus-Ford 4 in line 1.6

Zakspeed/Hart-Ford Cosworth BDA 4 in line 1.6

Toyota 4 in line 1.6

Datsun 4 in line 1.3

Spiess-NSU 4 in line 1.3

Hillman 4 in line 1.0

Fiat 4 in line 1.3

Jaguar 6 in line 3.8

Holden 4 in line 3.3

Ford V8 4.3

Powerful, but heavy 4.3 litre, Ford built V8

Ford 4 in line 1.0

Triumph 4 in line 2.0

Volkswagen Flat 4 1.6


Goodyear Wet

For use in wet conditions

Dunlop Wet

For use in wet conditions

Firestone wet

For use in wet conditions

Dunlop Intermediate

For use in damp conditions

Firestone Intermediate

For use in damp conditions

Goodyear Intermediate

For use in damp conditions

Dunlop Slick

For use in dry conditions

Firestone Slick

Fore use in dry conditions

Goodyear Slick

For use in dry conditions

Events Calendar


Northamptonshire, EnglandLocated in Northamptonshire, England the Silverstone Circuit is best known as the home of the British Grand Prix, which it first hosted in 1948. 10 April

Brands Hatch

Kent, England 31 March


Norfolk, England 7 April

Paul Ricard

Le Castellet, FranceLocated in Le Castellet, France, the Paul Ricard circuit is best known for it's first corner which claimed the life of Elio De Angelis. 21 April


Spa, BelgiumLocated in Spa, Belguim the Spa-Francorchamps Circuit is know for the Spa 24hrs race which has been running since 1924, It is considered to be one of the most trickiest tracks mainly due to its Fast & Hilly nature. 5 May


Zandvoort, NetherlandsLocated in Zandvoort, Netherlands, Circuit Park Zandvoort is known for its many Fatal incidents- Wim Gerlach, Piers Courage, Roger Williamson & Rob Slotemaker all died at this circuit 


Nürburg, GermanyLocated in Nurburg, Germany the Nurburgring (Nordschleife), also known as "The Ring" is famous for being the longest track in the world. 


Brno, Czech RepublicLocated in Brno, Czech Republic the Masaryk circuit has been used since 1930. 


Monza, ItalyLocated in Monza, Italy the Autodromo Nazionale Monza was built in 1922 by 3500 workers, the track is home to Schooner Team Wales and their supporters the Tifosi. 


Madrid, SpainLocated in Madrid, Spain the Circuito Permanente del Jarama was built in 1967 it contains tight and twisty corners making it difficult to overtake. it was axed from the F1 calendar in 82 being deemed to narrow for modern F1. 


Located in Sebring, Florida, USA the Sebring International Raceway was opened in 1950, it's Major event is the American Le Mans series, which first ran in 1999. 

Laguna Seca

Located in Monterey, Calafornia, USA. The Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca was built in 1957, The first race was won by Pete Lovey in 1957 who still to this day drives vintage cars. 





Historic Touring Cars Racing Strategy Game

Hitoric Touring Cars

The carset is loosely based between the years of 1964-1976, making it generic.


1st - 20 points
2nd - 15 points
3rd - 12 points
4th - 10 points
5th - 8 points
6th - 6 points
7th - 4 points
8th - 3 points
9th - 2 points
10th - 1 point


Two man teams, like most carsets enable setup sharing.

Pit Stops



Qualifying concists of a 60 minutes sessions, in which you can make up to 4 runs.


Liveries are fixed to keep them looking historical.


Original idea: James Read and Thomas Hume Templates: Stefan de Koker Liveries: James Read and Stefan de Koker Shading: Robert Piescikowski Carset Builder input: James Read Discriptions: Track Maps: Also thanks to Shae Thompson, Rob Baker, Ash Eyre, Matt Emmens, Olivier Demers, Timothy Mabbutt, Tiago Ferreira, Thomas Hume, Mitchell Gifford and Phillip Chandler.

Active Carsets

The above carset is in the works. By contrast, the following carsets can be played NOW...!

F1 2013 inspired GP Manager Game

( More Info on GP 2013 )

The all new GP 2013 Season, featuring updated cars, calendar and stats. Yet more close racing.

F1 2012 inspired GP Manager Game

( More Info on GP 2012 )

The updated GP 2012 Season, now tighter and more competitive than ever! A mammoth 20 races and the introduction of a new US circuit.

Constructors Stateside

( More Info on Constructors Stateside )

An entirely new game mode to extend BATracer, in which you can design your own car to a high level of detail. This version carries a champcar theme.

F1 2011 inspired GP Manager Game

( More Info on GP 2011 B-Spec )

The updated GP 2011 Season, now with a new tyre model, more compounds, and easier overtaking.

F1 2011 inspired GP Manager Game

( More Info on GP 2011 )

The GP 2011 Season, featuring different tyre behaviour, DRS and the return of KERS.

BATracer Constructors

( More Info on BATracer Constructors )

An entirely new game mode to extend BATracer, in which you can design your own car to a high level of detail.

MS GT Challenge

( More Info on MS GT Challenge )

Short-mid duration GT races, for those that enjoy playing LMES but are not fans of the endurance format! Split-class racing.

V8 Supercars 2010

( More Info on V8S 2010 )

The exciting V8S 2010 Championship is one of the toughest Touring Car Series in the World. The fierce Manufacturer Battle rages, with supporters as passionate as any, this diverse championship is a tough one to master.

F1 2010 inspired GP Manager Game

( More Info on GP 2010 )

The GP 2010 Season, featuring the most anticipated season for a decade or more. New teams, new rules, more cars on track, no refuelling.

Classic Trans-Am

( More Info on Classic All-American Series )

Classic American muscle cars from 1966-1972 racing on the old format tracks. 10 different custom-paintable cars each with their own traits.

Formula 3

( More Info on Formula 3 )

Custom Formula 3 themed including a climax at the Macau GP. Unique features: Build a custom team from 64 unique combinations of chassis, engines and tyres. No single combination is the best! Up to 4 cars per team.


( More Info on GP Two )

GP Two is inspired by a real life F1 feeder series. Race in equally matched single seaters at many of the F1 venues - Sprint and Feature races. Build up a new team from the beginning.


( More Info on German Tourers )

Inspired by a famous European championship - featuring weight ballast "success penalties" and single car teams. Build up a team from the beginning.

F1 2009 inspired GP Manager Game

( More Info on GP 2009 )

The GP 2009 Season, featuring the most radical shakeup in years. New rules, a new team and the new Abu Dhabi circuit add to the action.

Indy 500

( More Info on Indy 500 )

The Indy 500 race - 200 laps spread across 5 x 40-lap stages allowing you to modify strategy and hone your setup mid-race. 37 entrants but only 1 winner. 2008 car data with gameplay enhancements. Unique Features: Multi-Day Single-Race Oval

2008 Indycar Series

( More Info on 2008 Indycar Series )

The 2008 IndyCar season - the first season after reunification of the two North American open wheel series. Features large grids, close racing, multiple liveries per team and more.

Champcar Championship v2.0

( More Info on Champion Cars v2.0 )

This is an updated edition of the original carset, but with updated car and track graphics and a full complement of '95 liveries. Miami and Indianapolis are now also included! Based around the classic PC game Indycar Racing 2.

GP 2005 Strategy Simulation

( More Info on GP 2005 )

The 2005 GP season. A unique year in modern racing, where only one tyre is provided over the course of a race, and drivers must pick their race strategy before qualifying.

GP 1999 Grand Prix Championship Season

( More Info on Classic 99 )

The GP 1999 Season. A good competitive F1-style set of the old school. Single tyre supplier helps level the field all the more.

F1 1997 Championship Game

( More Info on Classic 97 )

This 24-car GP '97 set has a good spread of competitive cars both at the front - and at the rear with 4 teams squabbling over the wooden spoon. There are lots of upgrades throughout the season directed toward certain teams.

F1 2008 F1 Manager Game

( More Info on GP 2008 )

The GP 2008 Season, featuring 2008 car data, new teams and liveries, as well as the new Valencia and Singapore Street Circuits.

MR2 World Series

( More Info on Mid-Engined World Series )

A world tour of racing, in a series of wildly differing events. Road / Race classes offer 2 very different challenges for race strategy.

Unique Features: 2 classes and Variable race format.

F1 2007 Racing Manager Game

( More Info on GP 2007 )

The GP 2007 Season, featuring 2007 car data, One tyre manufacturer, new teams and liveries, Fuji Speedway and Spa on the calendar.

Le Mans Endurance Series

( More Info on LMES v2.0 )

Build your own GT team. GT, GTS, LMP1 and LMP2 classes. Unique Features: Long endurance races, 4 different classes on track at once, unique rules, 22 cars to choose from!

Classic 1986 GP Manager Game

( More Info on Classic 86 )

A classic 1986 Season, featuring long races without safety cars or refueling. High failure rates can be frustrating, hence:
Warning! - this is not a series for the beginner!

V8 Supercars

( More Info on V8S )

The highly competitive V8S championship inspired by V8 Supercars, featuring sprint, endurance and reverse grid racing.
Warning! This is a very long season, only join this game if you have the commitment to complete a full season.

A1GP Grand Prix Manager Game

( More Info on Formula Nations )

An A1GP-inspired championship, consisting of individual drivers driving for their nation. Unique features: A1GP-style race format, no teams, no excuses - identical cars! Warning - not for the inexperienced player, this can be a very frustrating series.

Champion Cars

( More Info on Champion Cars )

Based around the modern Indycar/CART period 1995-onwards. Unique Features: Choose chassis, engine and tyres. Team sizes from 1-3 cars! Fragile cars. Circuit and oval racing. Custom car painting!

British Tourers

( More Info on British Tourers )

Build your own touring car team. Touring and Production classes based on current and recent seasons.
Note: Old Batracer v2.x legacy series.

Unique Features: Split class championship.

BAT Seven Challenge

( More Info on BAT Seven Challenge )

Race a variety of Seven type cars around Bookatrack.com race and airfield circuits.
Note: Old Batracer v2.x legacy series, some graphics and gameplay elements may be of reduced quality.

Unique Features: Lack of qualifying session maximises the racing. Many team creation options and ways to win; unique circuits.

GP 2002 Fantasy Grand Prix Racing Game

( More Info on GP 2002 )

The GP 2002 Season. Classic points system.
Note: Old Batracer v2.x legacy series.

Unique Features: Fixed team setup as per real season. Challenging array of car setup options: for experienced players only.